5 Budget Friendly Cake Ideas!!

Cakes are a common dessert among people of all ages. It is the kind of sweet that is always present in all social gatherings. Some cakes are eaten at special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc., and some on any normal day. Different types of cakes are available, each with its own set of toppings and designs. On their special day or someone else’s, everybody gets an excuse to eat the cake. A cake is my favorite part of every occasion.

Cakes for a big part of everyone’s life no matter how much people enjoy a well-balanced and executed meal. Anything happens to make all hopes of eating a well-balanced diet vanish. And that is a cake. It can take several types, such as chocolate cake or apple pie, or it can be as unique as choco-lava, black forest, or red velvet.. Regardless of what form it takes, a cake is often the most anticipated and enjoyed part of the day.

Buying cake with online cake delivery or from any local store will not always go according to your budget plan, so here we have discussed some points that will help know about how to buy budget-saving cakes.

The Shape of the Cake

Those days are gone when the cake is over-embellished. Today people tend to buy a cake-tier cake that tastes scrumptious and looks good. Ask your baker to make a one- or two-tier cake for display and cutting, and provide supplement cakes in the back to serve the rest of the party. This can save you around twenty percent of the cake budget. And have fun with your table. Have a one-tier wedding cake surrounded by loads of muffins, cupcakes, pastries, cookies, or well-decorated doughnuts.

Keep The Cake Simple

Sugar flowers, tall tiers, and complex toppings can instantly increase the value of your cake. And the reason is that most cake bakers rate their cake by “worked time,” which is the amount of work and the number of hours spent creating the cake. You can’t imagine what goes into making a cake. It’s surely more than just mixing flour and eggs. So when it comes to cake delivery online, look for patterns you like that don’t carry any over-the-top add-ons.

Serve Smaller Slices

 Another budget-saving tip is to consider scaling of cake slices and see if your caterer can also add a round of other sweets as a compliment like chocolate-covered berries, assorted wafers or mini chocolate truffles. Let your caterer know they should cut the tasting part about a smaller size than a normal amount, and place the plate of cake slices with the other kinds of desserts. Ask your caterer to place it on a buffet or cake table rather than serving a plate at every place. You can tell the serving staff to serve bite-size pieces right to your visitors on the dance floor so they can appreciate the cake when they are tired out. 

Choose the cake with the buttercream

If you are thinking of buying a cake with cake delivery in Indore or for any other location, buy the one which has buttercream because it is typically less expensive. Fondant, on the opposite side, needs extra work and materials and can be challenging to work with, making it more pricey. But for your due attention don’t assume your cake will be less attractive to the buttercream. You might want a smooth, seemingly simple and perfect finished cake that a buttercream cake can surely come out clean according to your desire; a fondant style needs accuracy and experience. So in the end, you may not save as much as you’d expected on the fondant. And some bakers may demand you extra for this cake type, especially if you’re buying a rolled-out fondant cake or a chocolate-based fondant cake.

Skip The Extra Layer

Before you send a birthday cake online to your dear ones try to buy the one which doesn’t have an extra layer of cream frosting. Doing this will also make your cake gorgeous and a lot cheaper and simple to make.

So, these are five key points that you can consider before buying a cake when you are on a tight budget.

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