7 ways to promote your new blog and increase traffic quickly!

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Promoting your new blog to many people and hoping to generate traffic (traffic) is not easy. In the beginning, building a blog must be honest that no one will care and no one will read your blog.

And you will be frustrated when you look at the traffic when there are only a few people per day! But don’t worry, I want to confirm to you that all successful blogs in the world and even the most famous bloggers have gone through a stage like you!

So you are not alone you are simply get started! Of course, if you know-how and choose the right strategy, you will quickly get through this starting phase quickly.

In this article, I will share with you 7 ways to promote your new blog to more people and from their traffic will increase faster!

  1. Choose a topic that many people are interested in

Because you are blogging, because you want to share something with lots of people, and because you are in need of traffic, you need to write about something that many people are interested in.

You can choose a topic according to your interests, but if that interest does not have many people interested in it, surely no one will read it even if you try to promote the blog.

So how do you know what are people interested in?

Google Trend is one way for you to check it out!

Simply enter a keyword and look at a graph and see how trends and interests people are going up or down over a given period of time.

And if the trend is bullish or stable, this will definitely be a topic of interest to everyone.

In addition to using the tools, your personal judgment based on community trend observations is also relatively accurate.

Some questions that suggest you can find topics that are of interest to many people:

  • What has been mentioned in recent magazines and newspapers?
  • Which groups have appeared on social networks recently? What topics do the community share?
  • In what areas have your friends and relatives discussed a lot lately?
  1. Build your first articles in a “drip” style

Have you ever played a sandcastle building game on the beach?

This is an image that I want to illustrate for you in creating the first “drip” style posts.

This is a great way to make a first impression, and it will keep your first readers coming back for follow-ups.

At the end of each post don’t forget to add a line like (The next section will be updated on) or call for a specific action from the reader like (Don’t forget to follow the blog to update the next post follow)

best way to promote your blog
best way to promote your blog
  1. Write a title that appeals and excites the reader

During the new blog building time, your articles received very little attention from readers, although you tried to share it on social networks, tag your friends … but almost no one clicked. Click it to read the whole thing.

Unless… you know how to write a headline that makes them irresistible!

So if the title of the article attracts and excites the readers, the chance of you getting traffic is very high.

To write a compelling title you need to keep in mind 3 factors:

  • Correctly target the interests of your target audience
  • What is the title provoking curiosity, evoking a feeling of wanting to explore what is inside?
  • The title contains keywords that need SEO to rank high on the search engines

In short, you need to write a title that has created excitement for the user but needs to be SEO optimized (search engine friendly).

  1. Write Guest Blogging articles

Posting on another blog (guest blogging) is the best way to promote your blog. However, I personally find that most of us do not have this habit.

We often try our best to create articles on our blogs and feel SAVING when taking the time to write articles on another blog!

While there are many blogs that allow us to post, insert links to promote our blog, why don’t we cooperate? Personally, Ngoc also has an article program (even paying royalties to bloggers), but the truth is that it rarely receives collaborative articles?

So instead of creating content on your own blog, posting a quality article on other reputable blogs will be great to promote and your chances of getting a new audience are very high.

  1. Promote your articles on social networks

Social networks, especially Facebook, allow you to precisely target groups of readers in detail. You can “bring” your blog posts in front of them by age, gender, occupation, interest, …

So if you have a great article, why not spend a small budget running an ad on Facebook to reach more people?

A great way to find new loyal readers for your blog!

  1. Participate in discussions (comments) on other blogs

NOTE: Be careful with this and only do it for the purpose of sharing your opinion and increasing your personal worth

Following other blog posts and engaging in discussions is a great way to build a relationship, but you need to share your opinion and make valuable comments and comments.

Absolutely do not act like a Spammer and comment like: Great article, Thank you for sharing or removing stamps …

The key for you to comment is to leave a really helpful comment on your blog or forum. Your comments should add value, stay relevant to the topic, and contribute to the discussion.

You can then insert a related link with a suggestion ‘I wrote more about this topic at…”

  1. Interview with other bloggers

This is a bit difficult in the early days of blogging because you simply do not have many relationships and have not yet established the credibility to set up an interview.

But it is not impossible I received 9 rejections after sending 10 interview requests in the early days of blogging.

But with only one person willing to cooperate with you, there will definitely be a 2nd person and so on there will be a 3rd, 4th …

Therefore, please boldly look for related blogs and send the owner a sincere suggestion to co-operate to share their stories right on your blog in the form of an interview.

Usually, this way you will get traffic very quickly because they (the interviewee) often re-share your post on their own community.

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So to build a blog is very difficult, to promote it to many people and generate traffic even harder, sometimes you need a strategy, formula, and persistence.

Hopefully, with this article, I have shared with you some tips to promote and quickly generate a number of readers for your new blog.

But always remember that no matter what please post regularly with a stable export week because according to statistics of www.worldometers, info about 30 posts are posted every second and every day passes. Millions of articles will be shared on the blog platform. So if you are not one of those millions of articles then you will not be able to survive and stand firm with the development of a blog for a long time.

Are you building a new blog or going through that stage, what have you been doing to promote your own blog? Ngoc wants to hear more from you!

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