2000+ Free High-Quality Directory Submission Sites Lists in 2021

Looking for a list of the best directory submission sites to submit to your website? Directory aggregation is one of the most widely used off-page SEO techniques, potentially used to build high-quality backlinks. It also helps you increase your website’s ranking in Google and other search engines.

Creating backlinks to these high-quality directory submission sites is one of the most useful SEO techniques. That will help you increase your website ranking and also give you a small amount of traffic to your blog, which will help you Will further help in its development. Website hurry.

Today in this post, we are going to talk about directory submission sites. It is useful for your blog or website, and  discuss how you can create your own website. How to submit links to various directory submission sites online. In addition, I will do my best to share every pros and con of submitting my website to these directory submission sites.

So read this post to the end and we will also share more than 1500 high page rank directory submission sites that help you build backlinks to your website.

The directory submission site is really helpful for your website, the list I share below will help you rank higher on Google and Bing. This method still works in 2021 and people are using it to create high-quality links to their blogs.

What Is Directory Submission?

These sites are not easy to understand if you know what a telephone directory does. Directory submission sites contain numerous links and information to the website, rather than telephone numbers. This data is categories in different directories according to the location or section to which they belong.

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The biggest advantage of these websites is that they increase search engine rankings, which ultimately increases traffic. The primary role of web directories is to enable website owners to submit their website information to the web directory.

Types of Directory Submissions

There are basically eight types of directory submissions but some of them can be changed slightly.

  1. Free Directory Submission
  2. Regular Reciprocal Web Directory Submission
  3. Paid Directory Submission
  4. Automatic Directory Submission
  5. Manual Directory Submission
  6. No, follow Directory submission
  7. Do follow Directory submission
  8. Niche Directory Submission

Free Directory Submission

This directory is free to submit, no one can charge for free or regular submissions. But there is no guarantee that you will get the link approved by the admin and it will take a long time.

Regular Reciprocal Web Directory Submission

In this case, we need to submit a link to our website. When we activate the link, the directory administrator will approve our link.

Paid Directory Submission

Submissions to such directories will be charged by the Directory Site Partner and our link will be approved at that time or within 24 hours. Submitting a paid directory will get us instant backlinks. Some sites bid for this package annually or for life.

Automatic Directory Submission

In this submission approach, various software and tools are passes for submission to directories. This will save us time and will be complete in a short time with the help of automated mass submission.

Manual Directory Submission

Not all search engines, including Google, encourage or acknowledge the success of manipulative rankings. If we prepare to use the automatic directory submission tool, our website will recognize a large series of random directories in one click. This is done manually and it will take a long time to submit the directory.

No follow Directory submission

In the world of search engines, a follow attribution formula is becoming controversial. In submitting a directory, should we acknowledge submitting our site without a directory?

Do follow Directory submission

We know that every blogger today wants to increase their blog rankings. However, increasing rankings in search engines is not an easy task, so following directories plays a good role in getting SERP (search engine results page). Follow the backlinks to get higher rankings. Getting more traffic is not easy. Every blogger wants to be a successful blogger, but hard work is the key to success.

Niche Directory Submission

Niche Directories consist of directories that catalog only RSS Feeds, Blogs, Scripts, software’s, Web Hosting Companies, Web Designers, SEO Companies and other Online Businesses.

How to Submit a Website to a Directory Submission Site?

  1. The first thing you need to do is choose the best directory submission site from the list.
  2. Select the website where you want to submit your website or blog.
  3.  Next, pick the category that fits perfectly with your blog niche.
  4.  Once you’ve selected the category, click the Submit link button, and your blog will be added to the directory.
  5. Still, there are a few steps left. Once you click on the submit link button, you will see various options on the screen so you can narrow down your selection.
  6. The last step is to click on the Article button. Next, you need to add details such as title, description, and URL.

This way you can submit the website to the directory submission site. Now, here is a list of directory submission sites from which you can choose a site.

2000+ Best Free Directory Submission Sites Lists in 2021

Here is the list of Free High-Quality Directory Submission Sites List and paid sites to choose from: