How to Ensure Perfect Product Photos for Your Store?

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This is a question of most e-commerce retailers, especially those who are new in the sector. Product image is the main ingredient of online business. As there is no chance to sell products practically, they have to go through the product image in this virtual business process.

With the help of modern technology, we are now living in a virtual world and we manage everything here that we need. From reading a book to shopping, we are using online as a part of our daily life and it makes us feel we can’t live without it.

Online e-commerce stores have reduced our suffering a lot. We are now making decisions about what we buy from the shopping mall even staying in our home. Due to the widespread e-commerce business, we can buy everything we need online with just a smartphone in our hands.

But it is true that starting and continuing with an online shop is not as easy as it sounds. The competition has become so difficult and one should have to face a lot to become a successful retailer online.

Although, there are so many things that need to be discussed when we are specifically talking about this issue. but in this article, we only talk about one of the important e-commerce business factors which is a product image. So, what would you get in the article?

  • Tips to capture product photograph in your own
  • Equipment’s you need to perform in this role
  • Product photography editing suggestion
  • And much more

How can you manage a perfect image for your online products?

clipping path
clipping path

You have an online storefront and you need to display the image in your e-commerce websites of those products images that are available to you. How many products you have to sell in your online store, you must have to take pictures of all of these and have to share them in the online storefront.

From capturing product images to put them on the website, retailers are always thinking of how to make their product images attractive and eye-catching. Because, online selling is highly dependent on the product image, its attractiveness.

If visitors don’t find any interest in seeing your product images, they wouldn’t have the mind to buy the product. That’s an easy equation so you have the intention to make your product image looking great. How can you do that? you can do this in two possible way, they are-

  • Taking the product image with your own camera
  • Hiring a professional product photographer

Further, you need to take the help of a product photo editing or clipping path service online to do post-processing of your images.

However, if you have the skill and intention to take product photographs on your own, then you must have the knowledge to do it perfectly. Product photography is not like usual photography. Before that, you would need some initial equipment to perform product photography action.

If you want to capture a product photograph to save money through which you could have to hire a professional, you have equipped,


The camera is the main ingredient that you have to ensure at first. You must have a good camera that is able to capture quality type images of your product. When you have an online store and you have to take a product image on a regular basis, it will be better if you buy a DSLR camera.

With a DSLR camera, you can capture every perfect product photograph as it offers a lot of options to make things better. If you have one then you are one step ahead to start the project but if you don’t have one, then here is a suggestion to buy one for you.

  • Nikon D7500
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6
  • Panasonic Lumix FZ80 4K
  • Canon EOS Rebel T7i US

However, if you find a DSLR camera is a costly option for you, then you can still go with a high-resolution smartphone camera.


Tripod is another must-have equipment in product photography. This is so much helpful to take still photographs avoiding any unwanted shaking condition at the time. Tripod will help you to perform detailed photography when you have to take the product image at the minimum closing range of it.

There are so many types of tripods available in the market. You should have to choose a better and perfect one that is suitable to use with your camera device.

Umbrella and artificial light

The place you have chosen to take your product image, you should have to set up artificial light to ensure light and shadow in your image. Light and shadow are such kinds of things that can make an image look livelier.

You must have artificial lighting set up in your personal studio because it will provide you with lights to make product images glorious. but there are some cases when you would need some shadow in your image instead of light. Moreover, you have to control the lighting source unless it can cause unwanted reflection in the photograph.

So, the studio umbrella will keep you away from these situations. You must have at least two umbrellas in the studio including a black and a white one.

Take your camera and start the process

we have got everything we should have to take part in the product photography process. We have collected all the necessary equipment we need and it’s time to start the process. here is the guidance you should follow in this regard,

  • First of all, you should need a table that is high enough but not so much
  • You have to place the product on the table to take the picture perfectly
  • You can adjust a white background behind your product as it is essentially adding a white background in the product image
  • Or you can easily add the white background in the post-processing period by applying a clipping path technique to them
  • To add a white background manually, you can use white paper, foam, and other white substances

Product image post-processing

clipping path

Once you have done to capture some of your product images, the next step is editing those images to give them an attractive, eye-catching look. It is necessary for every product image because just a camera photograph isn’t perfect to use in the final destination.

All e-commerce retailers are now giving much priority to post-processing their images. As the number of e-commerce retailers is increasing severely, product photo editing services are also making up to support e-commerce retailers.

If you search, you will see a huge amount of product photo editing services available online. they offer different types of specific editing services only for product images. They are,

  • Clipping path for background removing
  • Color correction to get the best color look in the image
  • Retouching to give outstanding look to the image
  • Optimize images to make them perfect for faster loading
  • Applying the effect to get a realistic view

So, it is clear you have to take some effort to get the perfect product image to show it on your online store. You can take the help of professionals to ensure that or you can make it on your own. whatever, your main target should be the best look in your products otherwise, you would fail to get sales on them.

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