Dermatologists and Their Recommended Skin Care Resolutions

Every year, people make various New Year’s resolutions, either to adopt some good habits or quit the bad ones. Making a new year’s resolution is easy but sticking to it throughout the whole year is the difficult part. When it comes to your skin, sticking to good habits and maintaining them can be very beneficial for your skin. The more time you adapt to good habits, the better results you can achieve. Hence, the best policy is to divide your resolutions into smaller steps to easily tackle them in the long run. This makes it easier for you to feel the progress, which can motivate you to go further and achieve your skin-care goals.
Mistakes are bound to happen in the long run and missteps are normal when it comes to skincare. Using quality skin care products and other natural ways of skin treatment can really help make a huge difference. But you shouldn’t expect results overnight, for example, taking retinoids to remove lines and skin wrinkles can take about 6 months to see visible results. Now, let us discuss the skin-care resolutions recommended by expert dermatologists to adopt in 2023.

Remember to Apply Sunscreen

The sun can really harm your skin and lead to other skin-related problems. Dermatologists recommend sunscreen as the most effective skin-care tool and ask people to include this in their resolution. UVA and UVB rays contribute to premature skin aging and cause sunburn respectively. It is recommended to use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, and use moisturizers containing SPF sunscreen protection. The Skin Cancer Foundation states that UVA rays can harm your skin through windows when you’re in your car and driving somewhere.

Winter Proofing

Winters are cold and humid and there is a lot of wind, which can cause various problems on the outer layer of the skin. Dryness and scaly skin are one of the most common effects of skin associated with the winter season. So, it is recommended by dermatologists to use additional skin-care products such as moisturizers containing glycerin and/or ammonium lactate. You can also opt for ointments or creams rather than lotions. Other than that, you can opt for a hydra-facial, which protects your skin during the winter months.
Avoid Picking or Scratching Your Skin:
Picking or scratching your skin is another recommendation to avoid. It can cause infections and scarring on the skin, leaving bad skin patches. Usually, people pick their skin when they are stressed out and they adopt this habit for stress relief. Dermatologists suggest you use other things such as bubble wrap for stress relieving or opt for facial treatments for a fresh look and a good feel.

Quit The Habit of Smoking

A study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that over 40 million people in the United States smoke cigarettes. With the rise of cannabis use, the category of smokers is expanding. Smoking and the intake of nicotine do affect your skin, making it look dull and dry. Hence, dermatologists strongly recommend everyone avoid smoking in any way they can. It’s not only beneficial for the skin but also for overall general health.

Keep It Simple Silly

Dermatologists wish to see simple and everyday skin-care routines in everyday life. Overusing your skin-care products and going overboard on your skin can just lead to irritation and further skin-care problems. Your skincare routine can be as simple as applying sunscreen during the day and washing your face every night before going to bed. This can have a positive impact on your skin and reduce the chances of skin damage. The rule of thumb is to stick to three simple products: sunscreen, a cleaner, and a moisturizer.

Avoid Sleeping With Makeup On

You might have come back from a party feeling so tired to even take your shoes off and you just want to go to bed. But it is recommended by dermatologists to avoid sleeping with your makeup on at all costs. Because they can severely damage your skin causing skin pores, lip dryness, and redness in the eyes. It’s a simple process, just wash your face with clean water before hitting the bed. If you’re using oil-based makeup, use a solvent-based makeup removal to completely remove everything and just wash it off in the end. Remember to be gentle around the eyes since it is a sensitive area.

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