Facebook call recording app Review

Facebook call recording app

Are you one of those people who want to record voice and video calls of the messenger? Social media platform has changed our lives, In terms of communication, and today we can communicate on FB via VoIP calls. You need to have internet access on the device active with the instant messaging app. Facebook calls empower you to make fun with your friends, family, and loved ones in your leisure time.
Some people want to record their memories on FB, and you may want to record live Voice calls on the social app for parental concerns to make sure the teen’s online safety. It is also possible that you want to check employees’ conversations during working hours on business-owned devices.

Today, we are going to review the Facebook call recording app to record messenger calls secretly and remotely without rooting the target cellphone device.

What is Facebook call recorder software?

Over the years, people were not able to record some of the messenger voice calls of teens with strangers and with their secret lovers. Nowadays, technology has become advanced, and you can use cellphone monitoring software to get the job done. Today we have got one of the best features of a messenger call recorder that empowers you to record life (one-sided) voice calls without root.

You can install the application on the teen’s phone and get access to the online dashboard where you can activate the desired tool known as IM’s voice call recorder software. You can use it to record voice and video calls and save the data on the dashboard. It is just one feature, but the application is packed with dozens of tools that you can track and monitor your cellphone activities to the fullest active with Facebook.

You can use call recording, screenshot capturing, screen recorder, keystrokes logger, social media messenger monitoring, IM’s call recorder, internet history, and read messages. You can also use live surround listening, camera streaming, and block features that can block messages, phone calls, and the internet.

OS support:

Facebook call recording app/software is compatible with cellphone devices and tablets with Android OS. It works on the latest OS version 10 and above devices. You can use it secretly on phones active with the social messaging app Facebook.

How to use & install Facebook call recording software?

No matter what purpose you want to record live messenger voice calls, you can do it by having a subscription to cell phone spy software. You can subscribe to it & then receive the credentials and get access to physical access on the target cellphone active with the social messaging app. You can start the process of installation after you have the target device in your hands. When you can complete the installation process and then activate it on the target device. Now you can use the password and ID and get access to the online control panel where you can get your hands on the tools that empower you to record Facebook voice calls. Furthermore, you can use other features to monitor and record cellphone activities to the fullest.

Use cellphone tracking app Features for Facebook call recording

  • IM’s call recording

    You can use the online dashboard of cellphone monitoring software and then activate the Facebook call recording app/tool without root. It empowers you to record the messenger VoIP calls and then save the recording on the web portal. You can listen to the live voice calls of the social messaging app by using the web control panel.

  • IM’s social media

    Users can remotely get access to the target cellphone device active with instant messaging apps like Facebook. You can use the social media messenger tracking tool that empowers you to get the logs of FB in terms of messages, chat conversations, voice and video calls, and voice messages.

  • Live screen recording

    You can use a cell phone spy app and then get access to the dashboard and activate the Facebook screen recorder. It empowers you to record videos of the phone screen active with the FB voice and video calls activity and others. You can record the videos and send them to the online dashboard. Users can watch all the recorded videos and can see the activity of Facebook voice calls in real time.


Facebook call recording app/software is the best and only tool of its kind that empowers you to record messenger VoIP calls in real-time. You can use it for the digital parenting of kids to make sure they are not talking with strangers online.

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