How Fully-Managed Web Hosting Beneficial for Ecommerce Businesses

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In today’s guide, we will discuss how fully managed web hosting benefits e-commerce businesses. Generally, the client’s two types of managed hosting can be chosen: Partially Managed Hosting and Fully Managed Hosting.Managed web hosting allows you to rent a server that is dedicated to you and not require you to share cheap web hosting plans India your server space. Let’s first understand what has fully managed web hosting.

What is Managed Web Hosting?

Nowadays, the e-commerce business is enhancing day by day, so maintaining your e-commerce website today is not extremely hard.

In a fully managed web hosting, the web hosting provider manages the server, troubleshoot technical problems and handle your website security, and more. So, the website owner does not have to worry about the website related to any technical issue. 

With fully managed web hosting services, you can easily manage your e-commerce websites and grow your business. There are many best fully managed web hosting providers and offer the best hosting features. 


offers a reliable web hosting solution with 100% full control, SSD storage, and other essential features. The price depends on which type of hosting plan you choose to host your website.

How Managed Hosting is Beneficial for Starting an E-commerce Business. Some factors that make fully managed web hosting very attractive are a few benefits of fully managed web hosting into your e-commerce business.

1Website Loading Speed

Slow-loading website speeds can directly affect search engine ranking and increase bounce rate. A slow-loading site can lose you 8% to 10% website traffic. The most managed web host will express their accessibility in their Service Level Agreement (SLA) and guarantee your system is fully operational when you want it.offer you an advanced network connection to dynamically route your traffic over the internet.

<style=”text-align: justify; margin: 14.0pt 0in 14.0pt 0in;”>Select the cheap e-commerce web hosting service to make your site Google-friendly and running at high speed. DomainRacer offers pure SSD storage space and 21x faster LiteSpeed technology that will help your website load faster.

2.Network Availability

<style=”text-align: justify; margin: 14.0pt 0in 14.0pt 0in;”>The best-managed web hosting increases network availability, performance, and security that are necessary for all large businesses. Choose a web hosting package, where give high-availability is guaranteed.

The most managed web host will express their accessibility in their Service Level Agreement (SLA) and guarantee your system is fully operational when you want it.

DomainRacer guarantees 99.99% server uptime and helps your website stay online all time. So host your website with higher network availability and excellent server uptime.

3.Server Monitoring:

The most notable benefits of a fully managed hosting solution are that it helps prevent problems occurring on your e-commerce website. Therefore, make sure your web hosting provider’s server is running well.

With DomainRacer managed hosting, your server is a monitor to detect performance issues and always keeping your site protected and the server running efficiently.

DomainRacer’s managed VPS hosting is an excellent option for medium-scale businesses or e-commerce websites. Their SSD VPS hosting gives full root access to your hosting account.

4.Stronger Security

Server security is one of the most vital factors in web hosting and for every business. Web hosting suppliers are highly equipped with different security aspects, and they manage server safety-related issues.

Fully managed web hosting providers take care of much of the security for your e-commerce website, protect you against cyber-attacks, and secure your data.

DomainRacer offers many security features to secure sites such as ModSecurity, Imunify360, PYXSoft, DDoS Protection, Email Spam Protection, Firewall, and free SSL certificate.

DomainRacer’s cheap VPS hosting plan comes with dedicated resources and full root access to your server to install any software in the operating system level.


In short, fully managed web hosting is good for users lacking technical background or experience in managing applications, website security updates, and many server related operations.

Fully managed web hosting solutions must be considered for an e-commerce business or large business website. Hence, I prefer the best, fully managed web hosting service provider.
DomainRacer offers various VPS Linux kvm hosting solutions such as shared, reseller, VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting. So once, visit DomainRacer’s official website. I hope this guide helped you to learn the benefits of fully managed hosting for e-commerce business.

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