How to Use IGTV Hashtags to Get More Followers

Instagram is for using hashtags. Even after the introduction of IGTV Hashtags play an essential role in limiting search risks. Note that once upon a time, stories on Instagram didn’t work without hashtags. Now, many hashtags include curated stories. This shows the living importance of hashtags.

IGTV is a long-form video posting platform. Hashtags on IGTV can help you do just that. Creating a high-quality video with informative and exciting content will serve you little. More than just posting entertaining videos is required. Hashtags allow you to get your IGTV posts noticed by a wider audience. This is a simple way to contact you on the Instagram TV channel. Use relevant hashtags to your content rather than popular hashtags that have no meaning to your video. Let’s now discuss using catchy hashtags to get more followers on your IGTV channel.

Advantages of IGTV Hashtags

In this 21st century, people spend more time on their mobile phones. Especially since they spend more on social media and videos. IGTV helps marketers promote their brand or product through enhanced video content. Marketers have an effective platform to improve engagement through IGTV videos. Long-form videos help them increase sales rates and increase marketing reach.

Hashtags are important because it represents your content. Only some of your content ideas can be the right choice in one video. So naturally, you go for the addition of multiple videos. The strategy may be attractive enough, but it will be challenging for your customers. They need help to reach your relevant video. Hashtags have the potential to alleviate this difficulty. A special note is that you should never omit hashtags in your IGTV videos. Hashtags are essential in increasing your number of followers.

Using Hashtags on IGTV

Proper research on which hashtag should be used on your IGTV video is more important. Identify popular hashtags that are going viral. Check using keywords in your content. The hashtag should serve the purpose of the video you want to post on IGTV. Four types of hashtags convey a specific feeling – Content IGTV Hashtags, Industry IGTV Hashtags and Targeted IGTV Hashtags.

Content tags identify the content that your video describes. Industry tags are usually about an industry or a type of business. Brand hashtags enable you to add company names directly connecting to your brand or product. Targeted hashtags target the audience you want to reach exactly. Carefully choose a hashtag that matches your IGTV video. Remember not to confuse your viewers by filling your video with hashtags.

You can add a cover photo to your Instagram profile for every video you post on IGTV. This will increase the number of videos discovered by your quality followers. Moreover, you can also add IGTV views to increase the number of views. Buying IGTV views helps you convert new people into potential customers.

When hashtags are placed in the video description of your IGTV video, users can discover your content faster. Only 30 hashtags are worth considering. Hashtags in the report will help your new subscribers crawl through other exciting videos on your channel. IGTV has a unique “For You” category that displays video suggestions from the following accounts and hashtags. So, to get placed, it is important to include hashtags in your video description.


There are no complications in running an IGTV channel, but still, one should find a way to improve their reach. There are no hard and fast rules to follow while writing hashtags. So it automatically increases the number of views and followers.

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