How To Help Older Adults In Managing Their Seasonal Allergies

During the spring season, we witness growing flowers and greenery all around. We all are ready to take a breath of fresh air after spending our long time inside the house during the winter season. This fresh air is also full of pollens and that’s why it can be frustrating for many. 

Unfortunately, this fresh air is not healthy for some because it can trigger allergies Anyone who is suffering from spring allergies will face worse symptoms with growing age. For instance, hay fever can lead to severe health problems in older adults. Read the following points to prevent older adults from seasonal allergies:  

Maintain Pollen Free House

It is not possible to keep your home free from allergens. But there are some techniques which can help us to keep our home pollen-free as much as possible. Firstly, keep your windows closed, even if you find outside weather tempting. 

If it is excessively hot outside, then you should run the air conditioner. The new technology AC will not just keep you warm, but also help in maintaining an allergen-free ambiance. But you should keep your AC in good condition by calling the professionals like ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors. 

When you go outside, then no matter how much you keep yourself covered, pollen will stick on your skin. When you enter your home, then pollens stick on your hair or clothes with start circulating inside the home. The new technology AC will trap these pollens and maintain the right ambiance inside the home. 

Avoid Going Out When Pollens Are High

The level of pollens in the air varies significantly even from hour to hour. Therefore, you should avoid going out when the pollen level is high in the atmosphere. If it is very important to go outside, then you should choose that time of the day when the pollen count is very low. You should wisely plan your outdoor time to prevent yourself from pollen allergies. 

The pollen count in the atmosphere is usually high from 5 am to 10 am. If there is heavy rainfall outside, then it is a good time for allergy suffers to go outside. Due to heavy rainfall, pollen will find down and will not affect you.

Choose Right Clothes While Outside

Going for a walk and enjoying beautiful weather is good for people of all ages. If you are going outside, then it is a good idea to wear the right clothes so that you can keep the pollen at bay. We recommend you wear sunglasses to protect yourself from irritants entering your eyes. 

These pollens can lead to irritation in your eyes. Also, you should wear a headscarf to prevent your hair, eyes, nose, and mouth from pollens. But you should go outside only when it is very urgent.

Understand Symptoms Of Allergies

With the growing age, the immune system of our body starts getting weaker. Some people find that their symptoms disappear with the growing age. It is so because their bodies stop considering the pollen as a threat to their body. 


Some people find that the allergy symptoms start going worse with the growing age. It is imperative to learn about seasonal allergy symptoms to get rid of these problems. Some common allergy symptoms are runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, dark circles, etc. 

Though these symptoms are not very harmful, they can create an extreme level of complication and discomfort. Elderly people who are living with dementia will find it difficult to communicate their discomfort level. The caretaker should know the symptoms in advance to prevent the elder adults from making these symptoms worse.

Boost Your Immunity System

You should boost your immunity system by eating the right food and doing the workout. During the allergy season, you should do a workout at home. If you are feeling hot inside, then turn on your AC. 

Keep your AC in good working condition by calling professionals such as air conditioning Sydney professionals. With regular workouts, you should also pay attention to your diet. We recommend you to eat the apple, strawberries, yogurt and fatty fish.

Take Suggestion From Doctor

Talking to your doctor is a good idea because it helps in treating allergies. Whether you are suffering from illnesses or allergies, you should always consult a doctor to take the right advice. 

Treatments like antihistamines are not good for elder people because they can interfere with their medicines. The doctor will suggest you right medicines and the right ways to get rid of allergy symptoms.  

During the seasonal allergy season, it is possible to live a normal and healthy life. If you know how to manage the symptoms, then you can easily go through this season without any problem. 

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