How to Make an Online Course and Sell It to Earn Money in 2022?

This digital era we live in has lots of earning opportunities. We can monetize most of the things
we do. It seems like no one in the past had thought that people would Make an Online Course the way
they do today. If you look over the internet, you’ll see children’s YouTube channels that are
earning millions. They are only posting their life’s videos on their YouTube channels. Isn’t it
amazing? You are only posting your videos at your home and earning millions from it.
Teaching has evolved too. In the past times, you had to go to institutes to study. You had to go
to the library to look for a reference. You check several books and their thousands of pages to
find what you were looking for. Now, things have changed. You can learn with ease of your
comfort at your home. Several YouTube videos are teaching you various things. You can learn
whatever you want.
Moreover, people have specifically made platforms for learning. They made it like an online
institute that gives you certification after completing the course. Therefore, you can make a
similar course too and earn money selling it. If you are a teacher and teach in an institute, you
can create your online course to receive passive income. But how would you do that? This blog
post will teach you to make an online course. We’ll share four steps to create an online course
and publish it on the internet to sell it. However, if you have created an online course, certify it
with icsoc to make it recognized. It helps online courses to get recognized as it has helped in

shaw academy accreditation. Apply for icsoc certification. If your course meets the criteria set,
you will get the icsoc certificate.

4 Steps to Create an Online Course and publish it

  1. Choose a field of your expertise

    If you are a professor teaching at a university, it’s not confusing for you to decide what to teach.
    If you teach computer science, you would probably create a Web development course or any
    computer language course. However, if you never taught anything to anyone and have no clue
    what to teach, we’ll tell you. Moreover, you need to know you can only create a successful
    course if you desire it. If you only want to make money by selling your course, you won’t
    successfully sell it. You can choose other various income-driving sources instead of course
    ⇒Now, do the following steps to determine what course you should create.
    ⇒Take a paper and write down everything you like.
    ⇒Think about every topic and brainstorm if there is something in it you can teach people.
    Now brainstorm about the things that you can perfectly teach within that topic.
    If you have successfully done these three steps, you can go further in making a course.
    Moreover, you can create a course about something you are passionate about. For instance, if
    you can play good guitar, teach people about playing guitar in a better way.

  2. Write a script for your course

    After you brainstorm about the specific things you can teach within a field topic, write them
    down. Then cut every topic down into small segments, and name them. Write what you will
    teach in that segment to your audience. Do this for all the topics. However, it would be best to
    make segments of what you teach. It’s because you are creating a course, not a YouTube
    video. It needs to look like a course and has small-length videos. Moreover, people also find it
    easy to grasp short videos.
    If you want to speak without a script, you can go for it too. Or else you can write a script for what
    you are going to talk about in videos. Choose the way that suits you better. However, don’t
    speak your script like a robot in course videos. If it doesn’t feel engaging and you might lose the
    audience. Write your entire course script like a film script. However, you can always improvise if
    you think something needs improvement. Writing a script would help you understand well what
    you need to teach.

  3. Creating the Course Videos

    Now, this is the technical part. For instance, let’s say you are teaching web development. You
    need to record your screen along with your voiceovers. Ensure your video quality is UHD and
    your sound quality is excellent as well. Moreover, you need to zoom in on your videos to
    emphasize something. That’s something you should creatively think and implement. Know that
    you are teaching people, so make it easy to grasp it. Make all the video clips according to the
    script and save them on your computer. Moreover, watch all videos again to check if they are
    error-free. Whether it is a technical error or you taught something wrong by mistake, correct it.

  4. Publishing your course

    There are various ways you can publish your course. We’ll tell you two ways you can publish

    your course.
    a. Online Courses Websites
    You can reach out to websites that let you host your courses on them, for example, Udemy.
    However, they charge you a minimal amount for it. Publishing a course on websites like Udemy
    is quicker and easy. You would not have to spend so much money on it as well. Moreover, they
    show a rating bar on courses that helps people decide if they are worth buying.
    b. Make your Course Website
    You can create your website too, where you’d sell your course. This way, it would help you to
    build a brand as well. But it is costly too. Moreover, you’d need an attractive-looking website,
    have payment options installed on it, and have to do its marketing.
    Both ways are good. It depends upon which one you find more suitable and your goals.
    However, if you create your website and publish your course there, it will be more successful.

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