How long does it take to rank a web page high in 2022

Everyone is after ranking their websites. And why would they not? They made their website for that reason. Since every shopkeeper wants his shop to be evident enough that people come there, every website owner also wants that. Websites are like digital shops. Whether or not it is a website that sells something, it needs traffic. A website that doesn’t receive traffic is like one that doesn’t exist. You have just paid for the domain and hosting and keep paying it every year, but no visits. Thus, it is essential to rank a web page.

Let’s talk about how to rank a web page. It’s a diverse topic and includes lots of topics and sub-topics. In a word, we do SEO to rank our websites. Seo means search engine optimization. It has various kinds and then ways to perform it. Mainly, we have divided SEO into two types: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

We’ll tell you how long it takes to rank our website after doing different kinds of SEO. But before we do that, let’s understand both SEO types and their subtypes. However, if you have a website, you want to rank, contact any SEO company, and they’ll help you rank it on the first search results page.

Types of SEO and their subcategories

On-Page SEO

As its name suggests, this SEO type is related to the work we do on our webpage–operations we perform on our website content. On-page SEO has several categories, which we will briefly cover one by one below.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is the key to unlocking the SEO potential. You cannot rank your website high on search engines without good keyword optimization. We do it by searching for keywords that users use in their search queries when they look for something on the search engine. We take those keywords and use them in our content. Now, it’s not that simple. There are several other things attached to keyword research and its implementation. We need the right keywords to rank our website. If that doesn’t happen, we will get ranked for the wrong keyword and lose all the potential benefits we could get otherwise.

Moreover, even if we find the right keywords but don’t use them correctly in our content, it won’t benefit us. We have to use keywords correctly in our title, meta tags, and content. We also have to use LSI words that relate to our main keyword. For example, if we write on the best WordPress plugins, we will use LSI keywords such as website, web hosting, site optimization, website performance, etc. These keywords are essential for good SEO.

Technical SEO

Seo itself is technical, but we refer to our website design’s optimization when we talk about the term technical SEO. Technical SEO deals with our website-related things that improve our website rankings. Site speed is one important factor. Search engines prefer fast-loading websites. If your website is slow, it ain’t gonna perform well.

Moreover, a report says that users usually wait less than 3 seconds for a website to load. Slow sites are bad for users as well as search engines. Another thing is website UI/UX (User interface and user design). Your website needs to be easy-to-navigate and attractive looking. Your content must not look like a newspaper. It should be engaging enough not to bore users even when they read a 2000-word article.

Moreover, your website needs to be responsive. Whether people visit it on computers, smartphones, or tablets, it should fit and work perfectly. We also call it mobile SEO. People use more mobile phones than they use computers. That’s why it’s critical your website performs well on every device.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is related to the external factors that can rank our website. It involves the following things:

Link Building

Link building is the process of getting backlinks from high-authority websites. Backlinks are those links that a website will use in its content that directs to your website. A high authority website means big and established websites that have high DA (Domain Authority). A few examples of high DA websites include Buzzfeed, Medium, Forbes, Wikihow, etc. It looks simple, but it’s not. Why would anyone give you a backlink? Getting a backlink is a very tedious process. You need to have excellent quality content. You also need good copywriting skills through which you’ll convince those websites to provide you with a backlink.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is similar to link building. You can also make another website along with your main website and write posts on it, and include in them your main site’s link. But as discussed, backlinks are only beneficial if they come from high domain authority websites. Otherwise, it doesn’t help in ranking your webpage.

We have briefly discussed SEO types and how to perform them. However, there are more SEO types, too, like local SEO. You can read more about SEO types if you want. Now we’ll tell you how much time it takes to rank a web page high.

The time it takes to rank a website

Website ranking is not magic. No matter how many good websites you have, how well you did SEO, you cannot sleep at night thinking when I’ll wake up, your website would get ranked on the top. There’s nothing like it. Firstly, you have to perform both on-page and off-page SEO. You have to cover everything they contain and give out your best. If you find it hard, know that you are trying to rank your website in a world where there are already billion-plus websites published on the internet. Therefore, it’s necessary to put in exceptional efforts. When you do every SEO-related work and also do social media marketing, you can expect growth in a minimum of 3 months. Ranking a web page can take up to six months. According to experts, it depends on how competitive the keywords are that you used in your content.


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