Best Platforms How to Sell Ebook Online

Writing an ebook is not enough. However, it is the most crucial step in the entire process. When you write an ebook, you sell it to make a profit, which is one purpose of writing a book. Platform matters a lot since it determines the success of your ebook and how many people would see it and buy it. It’s essential for the exposure of your ebook. If the platform is not chosen correctly, chances are no matter how good your ebook is, it won’t get sales and will remain hidden. But if the platform is chosen correctly, it can bring you the maximum Sell Ebook Online. Otherwise, your ebook would remain underrated. Along with writing and marketing, selecting a platform to sell your book is vital.

Below, we’ll talk about the four best online platforms where you can sell your ebook in 2023.

4 Best Platforms to Sell Ebook Online

  1. On Personal Websites/Blogs

    Personal blogs are the best place to sell your ebooks. Many influencers are already doing it. The best thing about selling your ebook on your website is setting your price of choice for it. You don’t have to give a commission when it gets to sell, which you do in other ways of publishing. It is also free. You are only paying the hosting price for your website. When you put your ebook on your blog, and people buy it, you get the full advantage, and all the money comes into your hands. If you have installed a credit card payment option on your website, it will cost you a fee. You can also avoid it by giving the audience your PayPal account and asking them to pay you there, and then you will send your ebook pdf to their mail.
    However, we advise you to install a safe way to use their credit cards on your website to make payments, as it looks more professional and better. Moreover, to reach this point, there is a long road behind. Optimize your website on the first page. Also, people become influencers gradually. You have to build your audience for this purpose. Moreover, why did anyone pay for your ebooks when they knew nothing about you?

  2. Amazon Kindle

    Other platforms reportedly work better than KDP, but we have ranked it second on our list. It is the most prominent online place where people self-publish their books. It is also a safer and most recognized platform to sell your ebooks. However, you charge a small amount here. Some books are being sold at $0.99, but you can make good money from them if it has a lot of sales. You can publish your book free of cost on amazon kindle. On every book sale, you give a commission to KDP. It is also the most accessible platform to use.

  3. Payhip

    It is the third-best website to sell your ebooks online. Publishing your book on payhip is free, and they will charge a commission every time a person purchases your ebook. They have different price plans which you can choose from. This platform also gives you information about your book, like how many sales you did, how many people saw your book, etc. This website also lets you create promotional campaigns, such as using the affiliate marketing feature on payhip. Other bloggers can promote your book if they like it, and they’ll get a commission on every book sold. This website sells ebooks and other digital products like music and video.

  4. Blurb

    Blurb is another easy-to-use platform for newbies who want to sell their ebooks online. You can even create your ebook on this website to publish and sell it. They have different tools to create diverse book types, such as food/cooking books, magazines, comic books, and children’s books. You can self-publish your book on Blurb free of cost and keep all the profit.

Avoid these things

You can market your book most efficiently in this modern age. There are many ways and options. You can even make video ads for your book that you will run on YouTube. However, make sure you don’t nag and want to avoid your ad appearing repeatedly when setting the campaign; you need to consider these things. Also, your ad must be manageable. People shouldn’t hate it. If that happens, you will lose the audience as they will not take you as a sincere person. They’ll take you like someone only interested in making a sale of his book.

Final Word

It’s your choice and decision if you want only to sell your ebook on one platform or multiple platforms. You can try different platforms as they don’t restrict you from selling your ebook on other platforms if you host your book on their platform. However, read their FAQs if a platform does not allow it. When you try different places to sell your book, you will analyze and understand which platform best suits your ebook. If you have written an ebook and want to sell it online, you can choose any websites mentioned above to publish it or upload your book anywhere. Also, look for other great online and offline platforms where you can sell your ebook. If you need assistance writing your ebook, you can reach out to a professional good ebook writer.

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