How to View Instagram Direct On Your Computer

There are many reasons why someone would like to know how to see Instagram live streams on the computer. So this article is precisely for those people who are wondering how to see the Instagram direct computer. How to see direct on Instagram from the computer? Find out now.

You were watching a live on Instagram but your smartphone downloaded precisely at the most interesting moment. Now you would like to continue watching the live from your computer. However, you are not sure if this is really possible. I will immediately solve your question: watching Instagram live from a PC is feasible. To do this, it is not necessary to resort to any trick. You can do it all from the application and from the official website of the photographic social network. If you want, in the following paragraphs I can explain better how to see the Instagram direct computer.

I’m going to explain how to do it using the Instagram application for Windows 10. The Web version of the social network, and even some browser extensions that are very easy to use and that, in addition to allowing the viewing of live broadcasts, also allow downloading and see them again after deletion.

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How to see the Instagram direct computer from the browser

If you want to watch the live feed on Instagram from a browser, using one of the many internet browsing programs available, it will be helpful to read the following information.

How to see Instagram direct computer : Instagram Web

If you want to act from Instagram Web, all you have to do is log into your Instagram account from your favorite browser. After that, you only have to open the direct of your interest. The steps to follow are essentially the same as I showed you in the previous chapter dedicated to Instagram for Windows 10 since the Instagram web interface faithfully follows that of the application for Microsoft’s operating system.

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To continue, then, log into Instagram from your main page. Click on the house symbol in the top right, and if there are live streams started by accounts you follow, you can see them in the Stories section at the top. As I told you before, the broadcasts are marked with the Live tag.

Direct from people you don’t follow

Want to see a live broadcast made by people you haven’t followed on Instagram yet? In this case, search for the profile of the user you are interested in, type their username in the search field at the top.

Then click on the match that will be found and click on the Live tag that appears in the profile photo of the account in question (on the left). To follow the direction of private accounts, you will first have to send a request to follow them and wait for them to accept it. If you want to stop watching the live broadcast, you can do so simply by clicking on the (x) in the upper right of the box related to the broadcast in question. However, if the live broadcast is interrupted by the user himself, you will see a message appear indicating it.

Browser extensions

As I told you at the beginning, it is possible to view Instagram stories from PC also using free browser add-ons. These, in addition to allowing the viewing of live shows, also allow you to download them locally.

One of the best useful extensions for this purpose is Instagram’s IG Stories, available for Google Chrome. To use it, start Google Chrome, go to the Chrome Web Store page dedicated to the extension and click the Add and Add extension buttons. Then, access Instagram from a new Google Chrome tab. Then click on the IG Stories for the Instagram icon in the top right and in the box that opens, click the Go to IG Stories tab.

At this point, locate the live stream you want to view and possibly save, under the Live Videos heading. Then click on the live video preview to watch it.

How to download it

However, to start downloading a full live stream, click the Download button that you should see in the upper left corner. In the box that appears, then click the Video Track button to download the live video. Now you need to repeat the operation also in regards to audio, by clicking the Audio Track button in the box that opened after clicking the Download button.

When the download is complete since you have downloaded the video and audio for the finished stream separately. You will need to combine the two tracks using. One of the many audio and video sync programs available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

How to Direct on Instagram

Let’s see immediately how it is possible to make a direct on Instagram. The first thing to do is start the application and face the main screen. At this point, it is enough to tap on the camera symbol in the upper left.

Once the built-in camera application starts. You can scroll through the items at the bottom of the camera until you find the item: “Live” (Live). Now that you are in the correct mode, you can make another tap on the button below: “Start a live video”.

Once the live broadcast has started, both your friends on Instagram and your friends on Facebook will be notified. The notice to your followers on Facebook will be delivered only if you have connected your profile to Facebook. Use the arrow-shaped button next to the “Start a video”. Button to switch between the front and rear cameras (you can safely do it Live).

The number of viewers will be displayed at the top right of the screen. While the comments of your followers will be displayed at the bottom. With the “Comment” button you can also add a comment. If you wish, you can simply disable comments during the live, using the “Disable comments” button. At the end of the shoot, you can save the video in your own personal gallery by clicking on the top right: “Save video”.

Who can see the direct

Depending on how you set up your profile, these will be the people who can see your streams. If you have a private account. The live video will only be visible to those who follow you (thus, only your Instagram followers). If you have a public account, the live video will be visible to anyone with an Instagram account.

Live broadcasts, direct ones, obviously require an Internet connection. So make sure you are under WiFi coverage or in an area where you have LTE / 4G network coverage.

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