Nothing adds freshness and color to the home like fresh and colorful blooms. Not everyone has a backyard or garden but that doesn’t stop them from decorating or bringing home these beautiful plants. There are so many plants that can thrive indoors and thus they make one of the best home décor items too. These plants have so many benefits too and thus it is a good idea to decorate your home with the same. Not everyone is a green thumb and so not much aware of different types of plants and so we are here at your service. Just like flowers, there are so hundreds of plants that are safe and used for various decorative purposes.

These cheerful houseplants will not only add color to your surrounding and home but they are everything you need as a companion for these coming months and years. Most of these plants have beautiful blooms which will add color to your home space and make the environment colorful and lively. Now along with flower arrangements, you can also decorate your home with beautiful and thoughtful plants and use them as centerpieces and for other decorative purposes. Thus to make your work easier we are here with a list of some 10 colorful indoor plants that are perfect for your home.

  1. Anthurium

    This plant has a flowering version in which beautiful red or yellow colored blooms. They are perfect for lush tropical gardens and so it is one of the top picks for your home too. This plant is a perfect choice for your home if you can afford a bright light and give low to moderate watering from time to time. Send plants to the green thumbs in your life and bring a big smile to their face with these thoughtful plant gifts.

  2. Orchids

    The first plants that come to our mind when we think of flowering indoor plants are Orchids. Though these Orchids are one of the most delicate plants, it is not too difficult to grow them. With the right orchid care tips, they will flourish in no time. All you have to make sure of is to use the right soil and water the plant before the soil dries out. You can order gifts for your family from our online gift shop and surprise them with some of the best gifts to convey your heartiest love feelings

  3. Peace Lily

    Peace Lily is a species of tropical herbaceous perennial evergreens. Though its name is Peace lily, these plants are not part of the lily family and actually related to other popular houseplants such as Philodendron and Alocasia. These plants can grow up to 3 feet indoors and when these plants are in a cluster, it produces an impressive display. You can get colorful indoor plant ideas from our online plant shop with which you can decorate your home and even your bedroom.

  4. Jasmine

    Jasmine is one of the great natural air fresheners, so if you are looking for plants to refresh the room, Jasmine is the answer. This plant produces nice and soft, star-shaped flowers with a strong and sweet smell. You can keep this plant in a sunny place so that it can thrive well. Just keep it away from the cold areas because such conditions wouldn’t let it grow well.

  5. African Violet

    If you want a plant that can effortlessly change the whole vibe of your home then these African Violets are the one. These plants can easily fit into any corner of the room and make it brighter. Moreover, it is a small plant, so it can be fitted anywhere. The plant thrives indoors and it likes an indoor position in bright indirect light. Make sure you do not overwater this plant and use a well-drained potting mix for the same.

  6. Poinsettia

    These plants are actually Holiday plants as you see the most during the Holiday season. Yet this plant can be grown all-round year. You can place this plant on a bright and sunny windowsill so that it gets more direct sunlight. The more sunlight it gets, the better it is. Plant poinsettia in well-drained soil and water the plant only when the soil feels dry on touching.

  7. Bromeliad

    This is an underrated plant yet a very beautiful flowering plant that is famous for its permanent blooms. This plant has over 1000 different species and it is available in a rainbow of colors. The best part about this plant is, it is very easy to take care of this plant. Make flower arrangements delivered to your friends and relatives for various special occasions to convey your special greetings.

  8. Flower Maple

    This plant bears yellow, red, pink, and peach-colored flowers that appear all year round. These plants last quite a few years and later become leggy and unattractive. These plants prefer bright and indirect light so they should be kept at a window with south or west exposure. Water the plant when the top inch of the soil feels dry.
    We hope this list of colorful indoor plants helps you decorate and brighten up your home.

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