Nostalgic childhood Diwali memories that are still close to our hearts!

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Do you remember how you used to eagerly wait for Diwali while growing up? Back in the ’90s, Diwali was a major affair, especially in north India where the fervor around Diwali is just endless. We don’t see any limit when it’s about celebrating this grand festival. To be honest, Diwali isn’t just a one-day affair, it is a whole month of little exciting traditions that keep you on your toes. Right after Dussehra, we begin our Diwali traditions like cleaning the house, shopping for Diwali gifts, decoration, etc. but sometimes it still makes me feel that Diwali and adulting do not go well together. As adults, it’s more like wishing Diwali would fall on weekdays so you get an off, while as kids all we cared about was bursting crackers. Sometimes I wish that I would give away anything to live old memories but we have to deal with the fact that it’s not gonna happen. Here are some amazing childhood memories about Diwali that will make you nostalgic. 

House decorating competition

When I said that we celebrate Diwali with full enthusiasm, I really mean it. I mean every corner of the street, locality, city or I should say the country is decorated like some kind of fairyland. Yes, the decoration is a major part of the celebration and people indulge in decorating their houses, shops, offices that give out festive vibes. The decorations involve putting up light and diyas in the house. As a kid, I remember how I used to follow my mom all around the house as she put diyas on the boundaries. The way diyas brighten the house always fascinated me. I even can never forget that I used to be a helping hand while my father used to put up light. Just like a good partner, I would stand and pass all the tools he needed. I think we all have learned some practical physics from there, right? Now seeing my house all glazed up when I return home for Diwali makes me nostalgic.

Unboxing happiness

The best part about Diwali that hasn’t changed much since childhood is sending and receiving gifts. It is a tradition to send Diwali gifts to our loved ones and they send us too. It is like sharing happiness because everyone is excited about Diwali. So, giving out gifts has now become more like a tradition. Remember how we used to get ready to go out for Diwali shopping with parents as we were growing up? Well, there was always a particular Sunday that was dedicated to just buying Diwali gifts for our friends and family. The whole day was about gifts and more gifts. Though we wouldn’t understand much of what was happening, all we cared about was the fancy stuff and unboxing the gifts that others sent us. It hurt me every time when mom used to say let’s pass on this gift, how many of you can relate? 

Step Up Diwali Decoration
Step Up Diwali Decoration

The fashion parade

Diwali shopping wasn’t just about Diwali gifts, there was a Sunday when we used to shop for ourselves as well. I think many of you can relate to when we used to buy stuff for our house too because “its Diwali bumper sale time of the year”. Moms usually make a list of everything she has been waiting to buy to get these amazing discounts and offers and one day we all shopped everything needed. Home appliances, kitchen utensils, dry fruits, and new clothes. Just like the decoration things, wearing new clothes on Diwali is an important part too, it’s considered auspicious. Though things may have changed now, but I remember as kids we all were made to dress up in new fancy clothes. No matter how uncomfortable you felt in those clothes, you still were made festive ready, but I still miss it, do you? 

Sweets on the rocks

I don’t know if you can feel this or not, but the Diwali treat does not feel as sweet as it used to while growing up. Well, childhood memories of Diwali include eating Diwali sweets & diwali gifts express delivery as well. All these are important traditions of Diwali which we all have been a part of during childhood, right? Houses were usually flooded with delectable Diwali sweets which were a total treat and one of the big reasons why we all love Diwali. Didn’t we all have a favorite relative who always brought a lovely box of sweets for us? Well, every time I receive a box of Diwali sweets now, I just go back in time. 

Diwali pataka

Okay, back in the ’90s, there were no slogans like ‘say no to crackers’ or ‘go green this Diwali’. So, burning crackers was a simple and guilt-free thing. This is something you all can relate to because everyone has burnt crackers in their childhood (instead the ones who were scared). I remember while Diwali shopping, how crackers used to allure me in the next shop. Tell me honestly, does burning crackers feel the same as it used to while growing up? No, right? That excitement was on a different level which only kids can understand. 


These are some childhood memories of Diwali that are still very close to our hearts. 

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