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Plex TV Link

Plex TV application is designed for users who want to use their local device data on multiple devices. This feature allows the Plex TV app to allow users to connect multiple devices to one account so that they can watch their favorite content on their favorite devices. But they must register or activate Plex on all devices to access cross-device data. In this post, we’ll explore how many devices a person can link to a Plex TV account and how to link all devices to the Plex tv link.

PLex TV allows up to 15 devices to be linked with one Plex TV account. Users need to register each device with Plex to access application data. If you try to register more than 15 devices, the system will warn you that you have exceeded the maximum device limit and you must remove a device to add a new device. So, if you are not using plex on a device it is better to disconnect it.

Follow Steps To Activate

Plex TV application is available for almost all smart devices and you can link it with the help of a link code offered by that particular device. Follow the steps below to activate the Plex TV app on your device:

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Step 1: Install the Plex TV application

On a device you want to watch Plex TV on, you first need to install the application. For this, go to the “Application Store” of the device. Then find and install the Plex TV application. If the app is already installed, skip this step and go to step 2.

Step 2: Get the Plex TV link code.

In this step, you need to launch the installed Plex TV application from your device. Here you will see login button click on it. Enter your Plex TV account credentials to login. After logging in, a code will appear on the screen. You must save this code for future use.

Step 3: Go to the Plex TV activation page.

Go to using the smart device’s web browser. This will take you to the Plex TV login page. Enter the login credentials here to reach the activation page.

Step 4: Activate the code.

In this last step, the activation code needs to be activated. On activation, enter the activation code in the space provided on the page screen and then click on the Continue button. Now enjoy streaming Plex TV content on your device.

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