Screen printing is one of the popular types of printing method which is used for the customization of apparel. Using the screen-printing technique makes it possible to print 40 to 100 t-shirts in just one hour. 

Out of various printing techniques, screen printing is the best method because it has the potential to offer qualitative results at a reasonable price. It is one of the most preferred printing techniques when bulk order is placed.

In this printing method, the stencil is used to complete the customization of the apparel. In addition to this, the screen-printing technique uses thick ink which can easily penetrate the fabric. It will ultimately help in increasing the durability of the cloth. 

This printing method uses a stencil, only cost is associated with this printing method. We recommend you take the help of professionals such as screen printing Vancouver professionals to obtain the best quality screen printed t-shirts.

When there are a lot of options available in the market, then people mostly get confused. Some of the frequently asked questioned are answered in this guide. Hopefully, these answers will help to ease down the selection process. Let’s dive into detail and find out the answers to questions related to Screen printing.

Do Screen Printed T-shirts Last Long?

Yes, the screen-printing t-shirts last long because these shirts have a high tendency to hold themselves while washing. These t-shirts can easily handle different types of wear and tear. Ultimately, these t-shirts can last for a long. 

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One of the best techniques to enhance the lifespan of the custom printed t-shirts is to wash them in cold water only. Never use hot or boiling water to wash your screen-printed apparel. It will reduce the probability of cracks and lines in your design. Also, this method will increase the lifespan of the apparel.

Will Printing Ink washout?

Most people are concerned with washing out printed ink. Therefore, it is the biggest concern of people while choosing the screen-printing method. The ink used in the screen-printing method is tough as compared to other types of inks used in other printing methods. 

If the ink used in the screen-printing technique is cured properly, then there are no chances of washing out. If you observe the signs of cracks on the printed design, then it indicates that printed ink is not cured completely. The cracks on the designs look very bad.

To fully cure the printed ink, the apparel on which the design is printed needs to be put under 280-320 degrees Fahrenheit. To ensure that whether ink is cured or not, you can put thermometer tapes on the apparel to determine the temperature. 

Thus, washing out of ink is based on the type of ink you are using to print design on apparel. We recommend you use the right type of ink to avoid cracking and washing out of ink. Keep your customized t-shirt with you for long. T-shirt printing Calgary professionals know how to cure the printed ink so that the design lasts for long.

How Many Washes Can Screen Printed T-Shirt Handle?

The screen-printed T-shirts can easily handle more than 40 to 50 washes. It is so because of the ink used in the screen-printed t-shirts. Thick ink used in this printing technology will make the shirt long-lasting because it can give immense power to the shirt. 

Ultimately, it can handle enormous washes and the design will not fade away. The printing ink used in this method can enter deeply into the fabric and increase its strength of the fabric. Though printing ink adds strength to the fabric, it is a good idea to make to-do care of your customized t-shirts.  

Is It Ok To Screen Print On Cotton T-shirts?

You can use the screen-printing technique on cotton t-shirts without any worries. You can screen print on cotton t-shirts because the natural fabric can easily absorb ink as compared to any other fabric. Therefore, you can easily do screen printing on any type of cotton apparel. 

The cotton fabric also varies in style. If you print on the thick cotton fabric, then you will obtain a bit faded result. On the other hand, if you will print on the thin cotton t-shirt, then it will lead to the formation of opaque print. Therefore, it is dependent on the choice of your fabric.

Can You Iron A Screen Printed T-shirt?

Never use iron on the screen-printed t-shirt because it can lead to severe damage to the printed design. We recommend you to choose steam from removing unwanted wrinkles on the screen-printed t-shirt. 

We recommend you hang your printed t-shirt on a hanger to avoid unwanted wrinkles. If you want to iron your t-shirt, then iron it inside-out. It will help extend the life of apparel and keep the printed design in good shape for a long time.

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