9 Important Things to do Before Selling Your House

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Planning to Selling Your House? Whatever the motivation is, selling a house is never easy. Just planting a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn or uploading a few random pictures will not do, especially if you’re looking for the best offers.

If you want to sell a house fast in Philadelphia, it’s time to get to work. The first thing you need to do is connect with a real estate agent and get an estimate of what the buyers expect and what is would be the price of your home according to the market.

Next comes prepping up your home to impress the buyers. This checklist we have prepared will help you do so.

1. Welcome the Buyers

Make sure that your front door is visible and accessible to the buyers. Prep up the doors, paint them, clean the walkway, and the yard of debris and clutter. Clean your lawn by mowing them and prune the hedges. 

Making the exterior look bright and neat is the first step of creating an impression on the buyer’s mind and you don’t want to miss that chance. So, fix any irregularities, like broken screens, roof tiles, outdoor lighting, and anything else that you think needs fixing.

2. Clean Your Home

A clean home will show that it has been taken care of and thus you should go for deep cleaning. Give special importance to kitchens and bathrooms as they are the most grime-prone and the most scrutinized by buyers. So, paint them fresh, clean all rooms including the garage, closets, and cabinets before showing them to the buyers.

3. Pack Your Clutter

Cluttered rooms make a house look smaller and turn off buyers easily. They simply can’t envision themselves living there with all your personal belongings cluttered everywhere. So, make sure that you take care of it. Pack up things that you do not use daily and start storing them. This can include excess furniture, toys, etc. 

4. Paint Your Home

A neatly painted home will attract more buyers willing to pay the best money. So, paint wisely. Put a fresh coat of paint on your walls and repaint any wall with unconventional or eccentric colors. Go for neutral colors like subtle gray which will be the best choice.

5. Fix Your Home Hardware

Go for a thorough inspection of what hardware of your home needs replacement and do that. You can install new towel bars, door handles, or faucets, or anything that is readily visible to the buyer and is likely to catch attention. Give special importance to installing new hardware in the kitchen and the bathroom to impress the buyers at first sight.

6. Take Care of the Lighting

If you have decorative light fixtures that no longer match your home’s fresher cleaner look, consider removing it. Install new bulbs that match the ambiance and fulfills the purpose. For example, you can install directional or task lighting on areas like the reading nook or use accent lighting at focal points in the room like an artwork above the mantle to draw a buyer’s attention.

7. Frame Your Windows

Take care of your windows and treat them right. With the right window treatment, the brightness and appearance of your home will get enhanced and will also impact the temperature of a room. So, do it carefully and make the right treatments for your windows to help make your home look and feel perfect for a buyer.

8. Set the Table

Now it’s time for decorating your home. Add fresh flowers in the kitchen or dining room to give it a nice touch. Plants create a more welcoming environment and so consider placing flowers or a bowl of fruits on the dining table to create a more embellished environment that buyers will love.

9. Smell Test

A foul smell can be a deal-breaker and the problem is you would not probably notice it as you’ve been living with it for some time now. So, invite an unbiased third party like your friend or anyone else to detect if there are any lingering odors like pet smell or anything else in your home. If there is, consider deep cleaning your home again to get rid of it.

Selling your home and getting the best deal is never easy. So, if you want to sell house fast in Philadelphia, follow our checklist and give your home a brand new feel to create a lasting first impression on a buyer’s mind.

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