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What is the share? 

When a company wants to raise funds from the general public and doing so they issue some financial instruments that are called a share. It is the smallest unit of the company’s overall net growth. 

Types of share: 

In the financial market, there are two types of shares. One is called Equity share and another one is called Preference share. 

How to buy shares

Buying a share from the financial sector is similar in each market. Today due to digital presence this is not tough to buy a share from any company. Even you are new in the market you can know about the share market at any time by using your mobile phone. Yes there are some special requirements needed for different markets. 

  1. You are decided to invest your money in the share market. You need to choose an investment platform. Remember every system has a protocol so in the share market also. This investment platform means where you want to invest your money and where your money will be secured. The investment platform also means the organization where you want to invest. Now before invest in that particular platform as an investor you need to know all information about the company or that particular platform. As an investor, you should know each prospect about their businesses, growth ratio, revenue generation, and the financial position of the company.
  2. An investor can invest or buy a share from any designated company or public business corporation which has already a reputation in the market. Even one can invest in any individual sector also. But that has to determine the growth ratio of the particular investment sector. investment in share market has different opinions. Some people argue for a long time investment. Their arguments depend on these four points: better returns, tax advantages, Lower volatility, and anyone can invest.
  3. In the United Kingdom opening an account for buying shares is the main priority. Presently more shares are held on a nominee basis which means for this particular investment service you need to have an account with will hold them digitally on your behalf, although you still own them as the main investor. This makes the process of buying in share much smoother and simpler and one can start trading instantly.
  4. For buying shares or invest in the stock market as an investor especially in the United Kingdom, one needs to open an investment account or stocks or share ISA with an online investment platform. If someone does not understand or dislike the online platform he/she may connect with a more traditional stockbroker.
  5. That is the first step while opening an investment account. A paper share certificate means converting to the nominee held shares because it is so much more convenient. It also represents the shareholder’s ownership in a company.
  6. Make your investment decision-maker. But as a new investor for buying a share, it is very difficult to understand the financial situation. So, for the execution, one can take choose an advisory service, so that an adviser can recommend which investments to make. For this advisory, you should pay extra.
  7. The Research and development part is a very key part while buying any share. If you planning to buy any share of your chosen you should do research and make sure you read all the investments carefully before the buying.
  8. Placing a deal is a very important matter. You can place a deal by over phone or over online. It means order from the investor for buying an investment he is chosen. There are different types of order depending on the asset one want to buy.
  9. This is a very simple part of the online investment service. On the online platform, you can see all your investments and also check how your investment is performing.
  10. The main things to consider when you start buying shares are – which company, what price, and how many share you want to buy. When you already decide to buy a particular share, you may check with any online platform and chose accordingly which share you want to buy. Presently this is a very easy process to buying shares on the online platform. When you check the online platform to buy a share you need to compare the price and availability of all the shares and then you have to decide which one you want to buy. This also depends on how much money we want to invest. For example, if you want to invest 200 pounds on the price of each share of 10 pounds you have to buy 200 shares. 200 pounds divided by 10 pounds. Desiring how much to invest in a particular share depends on your strategy and your risk appetite. But as a rule of thumb, it’s better not to invest all your hardcore money in one stock or share.

Basic factors of the share market:

There are some basic factors while Buying a share. This includes the following points: 

  1. The price of the bond changes. Sometimes the companies need to pay more to their financial operations at that time their profit decline. The stock prices are based on the earrings, so their stock prices are also declining.
  2. The inflation risk is also connected with the share market, Inflation is involved lots of money in this financial system. During the inflation period, each pound is worth less than it was, so naturally, the price of products rises. When inflation hits in the share market your income from this sector has less buying power.
  3. Many factors affect market functions like investor anticipation, shocks in other markets, equipment failures, etc.
  4. When the credit rating downgrades the price of both stocks and bonds declines.
  5. Liquidity risk is always there in the share market.

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