Simple House Design : Affordable Home Design:

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Home is the place which is the most important for us because it took years to make a building into a house where you live. It’s each, and the wall is holding your one of memory. Home is the place where we always feel safe and comfortable. So why not just let’s make the most out of simple house design with the most pretty but affordable décor ideas. Decorating the home is not always expensive; there are some alternatives that you can use and still give your home an expensive and pretty look.

In this article, We will guide you to some different steps, ways, and things you can use in your interior, a step-by-step guide to décor your home that will inspire you to give your home a new trendy look. Here we will be discussing everything from changing curtains to just changing the location of your sofas. This will be a definitive guide. Creativity will be ours; you have to put some efforts only. 

The main objective of your simple house design is to create a new look at the same place that will give a different satisfaction and these ideas of giving your home a fresh room don’t require a lot of money. It would be best if you had a little amount of money and some effort. Let’s read to find out the exact ways how to do it.

Let Start by changing the location of the same stuff.

The very first step is you need to change the location of your sofas; chair, table, tv, and other furniture; this will not going to spend any of your money but, at the same time, will give you a free and fresh look to your drawing room. The living room, we also call it the center hall is the best place to start with; here, you have to do one thing first, Firstly arrange your tv on a different wall and now change your sofa according to your TV get the best picture. This way, you will change the main setup of your living room. Now, after sofas, you can place the center table and add some realities of a gadget that look classy and even come cheaper. This is the first and cheapest step to give your home a different look and cost you no money.

Add some focus lights on your showpieces. 

Now showpieces are the glam of the living room or any room but to buy some decent showpiece, you have to make an expensive purchase that can burn a lot of money, but why not make a different fresh look to your already bought element of the home. Let me tell you how just by adding some focus lights above them, this will increase the showpieces’ visibility and shine. Clean them occasionally but without water because if it is produced up of iron, they will get the rusting and if it has a polish that can start to fade due to excessive use of water, So clean without using water.

Add some Flowers and Plants 

Including nature in your interior has a lot of benefits. Some of them are, It will enhance your home’s natural look, purifies the air, and their essence will give you natural fragrance, flowers release positive vibes in the home, and much more. You can order flowers online from many online gifting sites through which you no need to go every day and have to buy some; you have to move some fingers on your mobile like if you want flower delivery in Mumbai, you can search for that, and you will have a list of many websites that are doing this for you. 

Change the cushion cover and match the curtains. 

You have to spend some amount you have to go to the market or look for online for curtains and cushion cover. I know the budget may be an issue for many, but we will not spend much on it; buy the same basic sober curtains and match the cushion coves accordingly; you can find them at cheaper rates also. This is much worthy than any of the above steps because these are the major kind of elements in a room that capture a lot of attention and always stay in front of the eyes, so that is why it is worth some spending from your tight pocket. 

Paint the pot and windows

Now, this is something which an Indian family is well aware of because we are doing it for years, but this step should always be on top on your list as it will give your home a new look as when you paint the old things, you become the only person who knows they are old. This way, you can trick others into buying something every month to give your home such a lovely look. 

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