Top Interior and Exterior Home Designs For 2023

Every year, top brand interior designers and home editors make assumptions regarding the next trending Home Designs. It is always fun to discover the latest color trends, materials, and designs that are hyped up today. Tiles are one of those modern-day materials that come in different ranges of colors, designs, styles, and textures. With tiles, you can create an appearance of any material with the desire texture and unique color. You can form different patterns on the tiles for creating mesmerizing effects within your house.
Tiles were once popular only for the purpose of designing a bathroom or the kitchen. But in 2022, tiles are using in almost every part of the house because of their versatile design and appealing nature. Different designs and styles of tiling include porcelain flooring, wall tiles and mosaics, marble and natural stones, and exterior tiles. We at innovative tiles provide our valuable customers with the best innovative tile installations. We are a family-owned business, serving the West Palm Beach to Washington state area. Now, let us discuss these designs and styles in detail for a better understanding.

Porcelain Flooring

Porcelain flooring is a new version of ceramic tiles, made up of finer clay and it is heated at higher temperatures. Many households prefer porcelain tiles due to various reasons. Porcelain tiles are very tough and hence, can carry a lot of weight. They are durable, strong, and water-resistant tiles. These tiles provide natural heating to your house, which means your feet can stay warm and cozy during the winter. Due to many such reasons, porcelain tiles are becoming increasingly popular. Since these tiles are heated at extremely high temperatures, they are scratch resistant and are least affected by other environmental factors.

Wall Tiles and Mosaic

Mosaic tiles are made up of either ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tiles. It is described as small pieces of tiles, 2-inch by 2-inch, arranged together to form larger pieces. Mosaic tiles are known to come in unlimited shapes, sizes, and colors. Wall tiles and mosaics have beautiful and eye-appealing patterns, which really complement the walls and floors of your house. Although the mosaic tiles range from simple to complex designs, usually they have a repetitive set of shapes. Mosaic tiles are versatile as they can be used on walls, floors, shower walls, and even outdoors. Strength and hygiene are set other benefits of installing mosaic tiles.

Marble and Natural Stones

Marble is a type of limestone found in natural stones. One of its major characteristics is that it can be shined by polishing its surface. Since marble is made naturally due to excessive pressure and heating underground over hundreds of years. Different fossils and minerals present in the ground give it a different color to the marbles. Along with a wide range of colors, unique patterns are formed on it as well. Marble is one of the most versatile materials of all due to its extensive use. Marble originally started off being used in the making of sculptures in ancient times, due to its strong crystal structure and porosity. Today, marble is a popular material used for tables, coffee tables, kitchen walls, kitchen floors, and bathroom walls and floors.

Exterior Tiles

The use of tiles outdoors is becoming increasingly popular due to various design patterns, colors, and other benefits. One of the most popular materials to use outdoors is porcelain tiles and/or natural stones. Porcelain tiles are considered one of the best to use outdoors since they can survive in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. They are durable, the color won’t fade away easily and they are very durable. They are the best for your deck and patio. Since they are baked in high temperatures, they won’t crack in extreme temperatures as compared to natural stone tiles.
Natural stones are another popular material considered the best to use outdoors. Natural stones are an umbrella term for tiles made from granite, slate, and limestone. Although natural stones are expensive, they provide an appealing look to your exterior and give it a unique appearance. Some of the stones are slippery when wet, so it is better to choose the ones with built-in slip resistance to avoid any accidents. We at Innovative Tiles provide our valuable clients with the best Tile Stores in West Palm Beach. We aim to provide high-end styles and the top level services for you.

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