New Car Vs Used Car

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Correctly when you decide to buy a vehicle, you have boundless options and plans of the vehicle in the market. Notwithstanding the way that you have to pick the make and model of your vehicle, you in like route need to pick in the event that you have to buy another or used vehicle. Autotech is here with express standards which will help you with taking a crazy decision. 

New Car Advantages 

  • Latest Technology and Pollution Norms are met. 
  • Improvement of Interest is Cheaper. 
  • The vehicle is on Warranty so making deserts are fixed free. You are the essential owner Insurance Costs are lesser. 

New Car Disadvantages 

  • Vehicle cost cut back 25% the subsequent it is out of the showroom 
  • You bear the entire decision complete (subordinate upon the different state) which in India is high. 
  • You bear the orchestrated endeavors, vaporous charges, and the wide degree of different accomplice charges. 
  • The Cost of the vehicle is Way higher.(as in the ex-showroom non-squashed cost), for some it moves from money related system. 
  • Affirmation gets Null and Void if you get the vehicle balanced from non-understood workshops which are routinely amazingly more sensible in upkeep when showed up particularly as appeared by surrendered workshops which channel you out on affiliation bills. 

new vs used car

Used Car/Pre-Owned Car Advantages 

  • Vehicle cost is more sensible which opens a lot of choices to buy a reinforced vehicle in a close to spending plan. (for instance: if your money related approach is INR 300,000, by then instead of buying a New Datsun Go, you can go for a 2–3 years old Honda Jazz). 
  • The vehicle is definitely picked so you don’t need to pay enlistment complete, only the trade charges are borne by the buyer which is near nothing. Notwithstanding, if you are changing the choice state of the vehicle, by then you should bear the new decision charges which are in like manner on the demolished regard. 
  • Whatever respect you engineer, is the last expense. 
  • In case the vehicle isn’t under affirmation, by then you can go to the multi checked workshops, which can diminish your affiliation bills by 70% when disconnected from mentioned single meandered workshops. 
  • Since the vehicle bought today is more sensible, you can surely plan another trade vehicle lesser time when stood confined from another vehicle which is at a more critical cost. 

Used Car/Pre-Owned Car Disadvantages 

  • The vehicle bought likely won’t be another condition of the latest turn of events or presumably won’t have the latest polluting guidelines. 
  • Progress of Interest on vehicle credit is way higher. 
  • The vehicle evidently won’t be in ensure, so if the vehicle considers gathering mutilation following 3–4 years of utilization, by then it is your cerebral torment and nobody else’s. 


You are not the first owner, but if there is no defect in the vehicle, then it is your best decision to buy a used car. If you want to buy a used engine and do not know much about its checkpoints, then you can clear all your doubts by visiting our site and talking to the customer service.

Our service will help you in getting a well – rebuilt engine and used a car engine.

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