Healthpally 5 Tips to Tidy up your Kitchen and make it spacious

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You probably know that everything that comes to your house always ends up in the kitchen.
And I mean everything: mail, laundry, shopping, school notes, etc. So we move everything from right to left and back again to have a little space. 
The kitchen should be the neatest place in your house, probably because it’s where you’ve most items.
But unfortunately, it’s where you keep non-functioning items from your sitting room and bedroom. 
While few people have spacious, clean, and well organized kitchen, everyone wants a kitchen set-up where everything is in order.
In addition to being spacious and in order, there is another aspect that speaks for a tidy kitchen – easy to clean surface and floor. 
This saves time and is easy to keep the kitchen clean, healthfully boss.
Today, I would like to share with you how you can get your countertop clean.

Remove Unnecessary things from the Kitchen

Oh dear, what is not necessary? The toaster that is used twice a week? The potato masher? 
One of the biggest causes of clutter in our home is our tendency to put too much stuff in the space we have. 
And then, it becomes difficult to store things properly, to find them, and to access them quickly. 
And it’s particularly bad in the kitchen, as we cram all the cupboards and shelves and drawers there with cooking utensils, appliances, and things that we had to have.
So the first step is to muck out. 
I swear you are bound to find an incredible number of stuff that you have never used before!

Remove items that don’t fit the kitchen

The kitchen is the first place that comes to mind when you want to keep things, wallet, keys, pens, notepads, etc.
However, you should have a drawer where everything is kept.
Sort them out, take out the batteries, braces containers, replacement razor blades.
Put everything where it makes sense, don’t just jam-packed everything in a container.
It’ll also help you to find things easily in the kitchen since you already know they’ll be in the appropriate place. 
This also applies to when guests are in your house and they’d need to use the kitchen. 

Everything in the Kitchen Needs a pack

Now all kitchen items have a permanent place. Cutlery fits into the cutlery drawer, food is neatly sorted, pans are stacked one inside the other. 
Make sure that everything really gets a permanent place and is not pushed somewhere in between.
You’ll also need to have a wardrobe where everything can be neatly arranged.
This is because the packet that houses your new item, kitchen devices, and others would soon tear and litter the kitchen.
Remove the pack when it’s torn and keep the item on the shelve.
But leave some space, because now it’s time to get to the worktop, says healthpally.

well organized kitchen
well organized kitchen

What do I always Need?

“Ahhh, the toaster and the kettle,” you will take out. Okeeeeee.
It is like this: you make a toast in the morning. It takes 10 minutes. And then the toaster stands around unused for 23 hours and 50 minutes.
Or the mortal you use maybe during the weekend when you’re not in a hurry for work or business, keep it in the store rather than in the kitchen. 
So could be in the closet, right? And so it is with a lot of things. Think about it from scratch!
It is of course clear that you don’t want to balance the microwave, Theromix, or Kitchen items every time and you don’t have to. It’s about the smaller parts.

Make the Kitchen Comfortable

The most common argument for leaving things on the shelf is convenience. 
But is it more convenient to keep moving things back and forth to have space to prepare them? 
Isn’t that a fallacy? Aren’t we sacrificing space for convenience? And what is worth more to us?
The final tip for a tidy kitchen is: finish things off. Make the kitchen a place of comfort, just like your bedroom. 
Don’t leave anything behind, wash up, and put it away – healthpally.
 Clear the countertop every evening and you’ll be all the more excited about it the next morning!

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