3 Things to note about work permits in Singapore

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A Work permit also known as a work visa is a document stating that there is permission to take a job in a foreign country. There are several work visa Singapore types. This includes the Singapore employment pass, Singapore entrepreneur pass, Singapore personalized employment pass, S pass, Singapore work permit, Singapore long-term visit pass, and more. The type of work visa that is requested by the applicant is based on the occupation that they are coming to the country. For instance, the Singapore employment pass is for professionals, whereas work permits in Singapore applications are from skilled, semi-skilled workers, trainees, and students. There are four types of work permit Singapore roles.  A work permit for foreign domestic workers, a work permit for a confinement nanny, a work permit for performing artists, and a training work permit. 

Some Things To Note When Applying for work Permits In Singapore

There are several things to note when applying for a work permit Singapore pass. For instance, it is a requirement to find a job in Singapore before you submit your application. The same goes for a professional applying for the Singapore employment pass. This is due to your employer or employment agency is in charge of all your Singapore work visa obligations. The local employer or agency can apply to get your work visa issued online via the Singapore employment pass portal. There is an online application service found on the Ministry of Manpower website. 

In this article, we will look into what are 3 factors to note about applying for work permit Singapore passes. This will help guide you with any further information about the process. 

1. Destination 

Work permit Singapore passes are for unskilled foreign manpower that is hired from approved countries. Such applications are for occupational roles in industries such as construction, service marine, manufacturing, etc. The work permit Singapore application is generally valid for 2 years and this is based on the foreign workers’ passport. Renewal of application is also approved depending on the security bond and worker’s employment period. The government in the case of a work permit does not require manpower to showcase valuable skills. They will be further trained by their employers. The WP requirements are more focused to the employer that hires the individual. Therefore, this is all dependent on the destination that the worker is being transferred from and to, and how the employer will cope with their legal requirements. 

work permits in Singapore
work permits in Singapore

However, when looking at a Singapore employment pass, this is more applicable to those that are high-paid and educated overseas professionals. They range from managers to company directors. They have arrived in Singapore to start fresh in their career or create a business venture. Therefore, to sustain Singapore’s reputable economic growth, there is a need for both work permit holders and Singapore employment pass holders. The government will welcome foreign talent for growing sectors of the local economy. However, there is still a set of demands for them. The Singapore employment pass holders must obtain valuable knowledge to provide on the Singaporean job market. 

2. Salary 

Stated under the conditions of MOM, employers are required to pay their workers the fixed salary that was declared. This is applicable to work permit Singapore holders. This will mean that employers will have to pay workers their salary as well as their upkeep and maintenance fees. This will include the cost of medical fees and proper housing. Work permit Singapore employers will not have to set a salary limit as it is a visa that accepts unskilled manpower. It is different from other visas by the restrictions it contains. Employers will also have to buy and maintain the medical insurance for each work permit Singapore individual. This should cover the costs of in-patient care and surgery. A security bond is required for each non-Malaysian work permit holder. 

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There is a long list of work permit requirements for the employer or employment agency. This is their responsibility to follow. Specifically when it comes to salary and paying their workers on time with no disruptions. However, unlike the work permit, the Singapore employment pass is a stratified visa. Therefore, there is a minimum salary to allow foreign professionals to seek employment in Singapore. In the terms and conditions of Singapore immigration laws, the individual has to make a minimum of 3,600 SGD in order to be approved for the Singapore employment pass. This is a requirement for all nationalities except Malaysians. They are able to be granted the employment pass with a lower salary minimum. 

3. Quota and levy 

In Singapore, the quota represents the ratio between foreign manpower to local manpower among staff in a company. It is not applied to professionals and directors in Singapore who are on the employment pass. Singaporean employers are still controlled when it comes to hiring foreign manpower. The government will require individuals to advertise a job opening to locals before they branch out to individuals overseas. This is specifically regarding companies that hire professional workers where they are monitored for discriminatory practices. They will be penalized if local manpower is mistreated. 

work permits in Singapore

As for work permit holders, employers that submit applications for them are subjected to both quota and levy. The intensity of restrictions will depend on the industry and sector of the economy. For instance, the quota will be 15% for service niche and 20% for other occupations. The quota and levy also depends on the worker’s qualifications. The levy will be higher if the employers have lower-skilled employees. 

In summary 

There are different sets of requirements for any entry visas in Singapore. In this article, we discussed 3 contributing factors to take note of when you are thinking about applying for a Singaporean visa. Whether it is a work permit Singapore application, a S pass, or a Singapore employment pass. It is important to read up on the requirements necessary for approval. 

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