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If you wish to end YouTube viewing time, subscribers and views use this product. You can add an unlimited free mediator to accomplish this goal. YouTube Watch Time Software (TBN’s) Stylish Tuber After that, you can have the opportunity to get a device and PC regulation that is wonderful and necessary to add your approach to YouTube. Download the YouTube Watch Time Machine (TBN’s) link add at the end of this post.

TBN’s Best Tuber Here, you will get to discover a tool and software that is great and essential to growing your views on YouTube. What the program itself does is add visits to the video until it reaches +301, which is an important figure for (loss-oriented) YouTubers because this is when Google considers the video to be unnaturally promoted. Checks for patterns of

But like I said, this technique is great for taking advantage of a temporary micro-niche because it allows you to get into position pretty quickly, I’d say if it’s well between 2 and 3 days. By doing this, you start seeing results. The program itself is very simple and very intuitive and it will not take you five minutes to give it a go.

Google, among all the things it can track, is capable of knowing where you connect from, the time, your IP address, and the time elapsed between connections to its resources, so if you use this method incorrectly, there is a good chance that Google will get a little annoyed and ask you to enter a captcha to show that these connections are human.

TUBER has options to import .txt files with all video codecs without adding them one by one and the same can be done with a list of proxies.

And that’s it, I’ve created a .rar with the program and a list of proxies. To start injecting visits, please follow these steps.

Process (Step by Step)

Step-by-step instructions for using this program:

  1. Download the file from the anon file link
  2. Extract it and open the bot
  3. Select the URL (video link), delay, & views
  4. Load your proxy list
  5. Wait as the bot loads in the views
  6. Be famous.

Features of Version 4

  • Now you can save your URL when you’re down, and load the last one you used.
  • You can test your proxies, though it takes time. 3000 takes 5 minutes. This deletes the ‘not working’ lol don’t worry. It may not catch them all, but it catches most of them.
  • Now you can see the views on the page, it is inside the status bar. This means it shows the number on the page as the number of views.
  • You can now minimize the tray.
  • The delay is in seconds.
  • There are a few other features you can do with ProxyList besides testing.
  • And you can resize its window.


  • 3.5 Framework (So Bay Safe.)
  • No posts var sub, not a taban coder, so don’t have authentications.
  • A video and website to view, and neighbors of quartz.


watch Time Software

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